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Finance Manager

Fulltime Finance Manager

Vacancy description

Do you want to work in an international environment in which you’re able to hone your professional skills? Do you want to contribute to changing the world for the better? If so, our team is the place for you! We’re offering an informal workplace for students of all kinds while maintaining a focus on improving the sustainability of the energy market. Currently we’re looking for people that are available from 01-09-2023 till 01-09-2024.

The finance manager is responsible for all financial aspects of SOLID. This means regulating all incoming and outgoing cash flows, managing our bank account, making sure a budget is made to estimate costs for all sub teams and paying all the bills. Furthermore, you will be heavily involved in all subsidy requests and other ways of receiving money. Lastly, you will be the contact person for all other sub teams if they would like to spend money on components, events, activities, you name it.
Bear in mind, you will always be able to learn all this stuff with the help of the current team members, even if you have zero experience!

Activities of the role:
+ Maintaining and managing financial planning
+ Looking out for the financial health of SOLID
+ Investigating and applying to interesting subsidies
+ Communication with external companies about sponsorships
+ Managing partnerships

Your personality
+ Critical thinker
+ Effective communicator
+ Problem solver
+ Goal oriented

Do you want to become the next Finance Manager of SOLID? Fill in the vacancy form! For questions, please send an e-mail to bas.coenen@teamsolid.org.