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Our mission is to enable access to clean and renewable energy for anyone, at any time. We do this by creating an ecosystem for iron fuels as circular energy carriers. In this way, we reduce the emissions originating from heavy industries that currently lack viable solutions.

Steam Iron proof of concept

By SOLID Team | 19 april, 2023

– May 2023 

Steam Iron proof of concept

Iron-Based Hydrogen Storage (IRHYS) is one step closer with completing the Steam Iron reactor proof of concept. This reactor allows SOLID to research ideal process conditions and material properties. This information can then be used to design a possible scale-up installation. The project also included a techno- economic study showing the great potential of IRHYS.

Steam Iron Project

By SOLID Team | 10 december, 2021

– September 2021

Steam Iron Project

After successful projects for iron fuel, Steam Iron is the newest project of SOLID. With the start of this project SOLID is expanding its scope. It is focused on storing the energy of hydrogen in the form of iron by using steam instead of burning iron. This is the first project trying to use this technology. When successful, this project can form the basis for new innovative hydrogen storage solutions.

Maritime Demonstration

By SOLID Team | 29 april, 2020

– November 2020 

Maritime Project

With new opportunities presenting itself for metal fuels applications, SOLID looks towards the maritime sector. Compact and clean energy storage for ship propulsion is an immense challenge and the sector has trouble transitioning towards more sustainable fuels. With iron fuel technology, we propose a new means of energy storage and provision in ships.


By SOLID Team | 29 april, 2020

– October 2020

Demonstration at Bavaria

“Late 2019, the design and construction of the 100 kW Metal Power system was completed. Ready to demonstrate that the technology does not only function in a lab environment, but also in real-life applications. The system uses iron fuel to produce steam, which will contribute to the brewing process of Royal Swinkels Family Brewers, brewing the first beers using iron fuel!”

Subsidy MEC granted

By SOLID Team | 28 september, 2018

– February 2020

Subsidy Reduction project

A subsidy has been granted to a new consortium to realize a proof of concept iron oxide reduction system and in addition, conduct a techno-economic study concerning the upscaling of such a system. The realization will start in July 2020. Want to know more about this project? Click here.

Living Lab subsidy project

By SOLID Team | 28 februari, 2019

– January 2020

Living lab subsidy project

Following up on the successes in the Metal Power project, the EU granted a subsidy to scale up and optimize the iron fuel technology. In this project SOLID and its consortium partners will scale up the combustion technology to 1 MW while reaching a TRL of 6.

Maritime Impuls Innovation Project

By SOLID Team | 28 januari, 2020

– May 2019

Maritime innovation impulse project

In May 2019, the Martime Innovation Impuls project (MIIP) commenced. This project is a techno-economic feasibility study concerning iron fuel for various types of ships. The study was finished in December 2019 and published in January 2020. This study covers many important aspects of iron fuel applications in the maritime sector and proves an important source of knowledge for future maritime projects.

Metal Power Project

By SOLID Team | 28 februari, 2020

– January 2019

Metal power project

January 2019, the Province of Noord-Brabant made one million euros available to build the world’s first industrial iron fuel 100kW demonstration system. In December 2020, SOLID and the consortium finished building the demonstrator researching a TRL of 4/5. Want to know more about this project? Click here.

SOLID becomes official student team of the TU/e

By SOLID Team | 1 mei, 2020

– September 2018

SOLID becomes official student team of the TU/e

In September 2018, SOLID becomes an official student team of Eindhoven University of Technology.

Creating Metal Fuels Awareness

By Support Pageking | 17 april, 2020

– September 2018

Creating metal fuels awareness

After the summer, the proof of concept was shared with the outside world, generating a significant amount of media attention. Spreading the word of metal fuels gave the development a large boost. Since then, metal fuels maintained a permanent position in the spotlights through which it has become a part of the ‘accepted’ energy storage solutions.

Proof of Concept

By Support Pageking | 17 april, 2020

– June 2018

Proof of Concept

To show the world that iron fuel can serve as a magnificent sustainable energy carrier, a team of eleven students realized a proof of concept in the period 2017-2018. They managed to make the world’s first full iron flame proof of concept that produced energy. Want to know about this project? Click here.

Foundation of SOLID

By Support Pageking | 17 april, 2020

– August 2017

Foundation of SOLID

At the end of the Honors Academy project, the members wanted to continue the development of iron fuel. In order to do so they founded Team SOLID, what was later transformed into SOLID.

Our first iron-methane flame

By SOLID Team | 28 april, 2020

– May 2017

Our first Iron-Methane Flame

The first constant iron-methane flame was created in the lab by the three students who started the Honors Academy project. The creation of a stable iron flame was important as it demonstrated the possibility of iron as a fuel.

Honors Academy Project

By SOLID Team | 28 juni, 2018

– October 2016

Honors Academy

Three students of Eindhoven University of Technology (Bart Ruis, Dennis Langelaan & Luc Brinkman) started with an Honors Academy project with metal fuels as their topic of research. The project was initiated by Phillip de Goey, TU/e professor in combustion technology. Based on the fundamental research conducted by McGill University and Groupe PSA in France, they aimed to create an iron flame under the supervision of Mark Cox.

Paper Metal fuels

By SOLID Team | 28 januari, 2020

– December 2015

Paper: Metal fuels

In 2015, prof. J.M. Bergthorson & collogues of McGill University in Canada published an article in the Journal of Applied Energy nr 160 pp. 368-382 about the potential of metal fuels and iron fuel in specific. After publication, the first step of the metal fuels journey was made. If you want to read the paper that fueled our interest for iron fuel, click here.