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Metal Energy Carrier


The intended route to the success of iron as a circular fuel cannot live without a method to cost-effectively regenerate iron oxide back to iron fuel. Reduction has been done for years already, but not in a sustainable manner and with the aim to store renewable energy. Therefore, in January 2020, the Metal Energy Carrier project commenced to answer the question: what is the most suitable regeneration technology and what business case is most appropriate to commercialize the iron fuel technology?

The 1,4 million euro project, financially supported by the Province of Noord-Brabant and Shell, aims to techno-economically compare different regeneration technologies. The study is supported by real-life experiments on installations that each employ one considered technology and of which some are currently under development. The outcomes of the experiments serve as a basis for the techno-economic feasibility study, which in turn aims to provides a foundation for a business case to commercialize iron fuel at a large scale.



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