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Martime Demonstration


As concluded in the maritime feasibility study which was executed by – amongst others – SOLID, iron fuels are a very interesting option to decarbonize several types of ships. However, this transition requires an enormous revolution in the maritime transport sector where fossil fuels have been the standard for a long time past. With this in mind, SOLID initialized the idea to organize a real-life demonstration where the energy from iron fuel is used for marine propulsion.

The goal of this demonstration is to be the spark that ignites the development of iron as a shipping fuel. Because in order to realize this innovation, this development needs to be taken up by all parties that must realize the maritime energy transition. Hence, knowledge, expertise and technology must be brought together so that synergistic effects are created. This allows the innovation to accelerate so that the rollout to market parties takes place faster. We believe that only in this way, emission-free shipping can be achieved in the long term.





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