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Location Disruptor, TU/e Campus, Eindhoven
Date 25/05/2023


We are proud to announce our Steam Iron project has come to an end and resulted in a proof-of-concept reactor. The reactor can hold 1 kg of hydrogen but in the form of iron. By oxidation with water (steam), hydrogen and rust are formed.

The energy density of iron, its abundance and its safety make iron a low-cost and green alternative to hydrogen storage, especially for long-duration storage where hydrogen in its gas or liquid form is difficult to contain. Iron does not lose its energy when stored under dry conditions.

The goal of SOLID is to have a demonstration of this technology in the harbour of Rotterdam by 2027.

The Steam Iron project is SOLID’s first project in the steam iron cycle where it helped to kickstart the iron combustion cycle. Here, iron is reacted with oxygen creating rust and heat. This green and CO2-neutral alternative for heat has already taken off to a commercial level.

The project has been conducted with the project partners: Eindhoven University of Technology, Metalot, Rift and DNV. And was funded by Metropool Regio Eindhoven.

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