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Team SOLID is a student team at the Eindhoven University of Technology, building a new energy storage system based on iron powder and rust. As an interdisciplinary team of 13 people, we created a proof of concept system in 2018.


This year we will develop a demonstrator to showcase a working iron-based energy storage system on a larger scale.



How does it work?


During days when there is an energy abundance, we use the abundant energy to convert rust powder to iron powder. Now the energy is stored in the iron powder. Iron powder is a great energy carrier, as it has a high energy density, is very compact, is safe to store and transport, and does not degrade over time.

During days when there is an energy shortage, we burn the iron powder. Energy is now released, and the iron powder becomes rust. Now, the cycle can start over again.

Unique to this process, is that it is entirely circular and there are no greenhouse gasses emitted. Additionally, our system can generate high-temperature heat, which is necessary for industrial processes.

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Enabling clean,


renawable energy for


everyone at any time 

Partner event: Dinner                                                                                        01-07-2018

We invited our partners for a diner. We discussed the achievements and the future of Team SOLID and had a fruitful debate. Many thanks to everyone for their valuable input. We hope to show our next achievements at the next partner dinner!

Visit PSA                                                                                                                03-06-2018

We were invited to visit Group PSA in Paris and had an interesting tour at their R&D department. We had some fruitful discussions about technical challenges and exchanged inspiring ideas about the future of metal fuels!



KIVI Engineering Challenge                                                                                  10-2018

Team SOLID participated in the KIVI (Koninklijk Instituut Van Ingenieurs) Engineering Challenge. This is a challenge in which selected professionals will consider multiple strategic problems.
We ended fourth in the challenge! We received a lot of positive reactions and enjoyed the event. Our team captain Geert Vergoossen pitched our energy storage solution to Diederik Samson, who was very enthusiastic as well


Proof of concept release                                                                                      13-09-2018

Last year, we worked hard to build a proof of concept for an iron-based energy storage system. Curious how it works? Check out our video here or get in the mood here.




Our mission is to enable clean, renewable energy for everyone at any time.

Nowadays, there are many exciting developments in the energy sector to transition towards a more sustainable energy system.

We, as Team SOLID, are looking eagerly what kind of novel technologies will help us transition to low carbon economy.

However, we noticed that some industries have difficulties using clean, renewable energy. Businesses for example in the chemical, glass, ceramic or refinery industries need fossil fuels to generate high-temperature heat they use in their processes.

These high temperatures are difficult to reach with solar or wind because electric heat pumps can only heat up to 250 degrees Celcius, while these industries need much higher temperatures.

They are in need of an energy carrier that can use the green energy from solar or wind and turn it into a fuel that enables these high temperatures.

At Team SOLID, we aim to help these industries that are in need of an energy solution, towards a more sustainable future.


Our solution


The system we built is based on the concept of Metal fuels. In this concept metals are combusted in and used for the generation of heat and/or electricity.


The problem


‘We Are the First Generation that Can End Poverty, the Last that Can End Climate Change’

Ban Ki-Moon (former Secretary General United Nations)



We made a mess of our planet and our environment. Luckily we realized this, and are now trying to fix it. Governments are working hard to commit to the agreements they made in Paris. Even the majority of businesses have goals to become more sustainable in the future. However, some industries have more difficulties than other, as they depend on the performance of fossil fuels for their processes.



Metal fuels

Metal fuels became a topic of research halfway in the 20th century. Its main applications were in rocket fuels or for military purposes. Only in the late 90's and early 00's, it became clear that metal fuels could also serve as an alternative to coal, oil or gas. The increase of interest mainly had to do with the increase in environmental awareness in the 90's. The last two decades research has been done at Mc Gill University, Montreal, Bochum University, University of Orleans and Eindhoven University of Technology in the application for metal fuels in a future energy system. Now, we think it is ready to take this promising concept out of the academic world and implement it in our society.


The principle

Our solution is an iron powder cycle. It all starts with iron oxide, also called rust. Sustainable energy can be used to convert the rust into iron powder. The energy is now stored in the iron powder. It can be transported or stored for prolonged periods of time. When energy is needed, we can burn the iron powder. The stored energy is released and can be used to power industrial appliances, propel a ship or heat your home. Now, the iron powder is converted back to rust. And the cycle can start over again!


Proof of concept

As Team SOLID, we created a proof of concept to show the world that it is possible to extract energy from iron powder.


The system works like this: first, we start out with a container filled with iron powder.
This iron powder is then mixed with air and transported to the combustion chamber. Here, the mixture is ignited, resulting in a large iron flame. In the burning process, the iron is converted to rust. The heat of the flame is used to generate useful mechanical, electrical and thermal energy. Finally, the rust powder is separated from the hot air and collected in another container. Now, the rust powder is ready to be recycled back to iron powder. This way, we have created a small-scale circular energy storage system. Next step: a real application in the industry.




The Team


With a team of 13 members we are working daily to reach our goals.

Anne Munnich

Robin Vink

Romek Vinke

Geert Vergoossen

Bart Tulkens

Business Team


Marketing Team

Kelly Fransen

Anne Jonker

Wies Ruyters

Technical Team

Luc Brinkman

Bart Ruis

Sam Tennebroek

Rick van den Bosch

Geert Vergoossen

Management Team

Bart Tulkens

Luc Brinkman

Bart Ruis

Sam Tennebroek

Jos Scholte

Sam Hendriks

Bart Tulkens

Wies Ruyters

Join us


Are you interested in joining our team? Send an email to

Please mention your name, study and short motivation.





The partners below are supporting and helping Team SOLID with their expertise.




Edward van den Bosch

Kees van de Burgwal

Arco Krijgsman


You can contact us by sending an e-mail to, or filling out the form below.

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