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be part of SOLID



Wow, it is great to see that you have interest in being part of SOLID 2020-2021!

Does SOLID appeal to you, but do you first want to get to know us? Or do you want to find out if SOLID suits you? Come to one of our introduction activities and meet us!


Already know you want to be part of SOLID? APPLY!

Are you interested in SOLID, but do you still have doubts about something or questions you’d like to have answered first? Fill out this form. Our HR Manager will contact you to answer all your questions.


APPLYING, how does it work?


Within SOLID, we have 5 sub-teams, within which we have defined several key functions, both fulltime and parttime, which will be needed for a successful year. Want to know more about all the possible functions? Go to FUNCTIONS!



The applications will consist of your personal details, short responses to several questions and your CV.

There will be two application rounds:

  • The first round will start on March 9 and end on April 19  —> CLOSED
  • The second round will start on April 20 and end on June 7

The reason behind having two rounds is to make sure we are able to make a good selection of applicants to create a balanced team. Applying during the first round will give you a higher chance of selection, since none of the spots for the functions will be taken. In case of missing the first round for any reason, then the second round is still a wonderful opportunity to apply for a year at SOLID, because there might still be a great spot left open for you.

Within a week after the application period has ended, you will receive a notice of whether you have been selected for an interview or not.


The interview will be conducted by the HR team of SOLID and could include questions regarding your CV and responses provided in the application. During this interview, we also try to discover together with you which function would suit you best. Shortly after all the interviews have been held you will be informed whether or not you have been invited to join SOLID 2020-2021!



Fill out this file and upload it, together with your CV and some general info, to this form.