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Join SOLID 2021/2022!

Interested in joining studentteam SOLID? We are still looking for a graphic designer!

SOLID is an ambitious student team of Eindhoven University of Technology that aims to enable access to clean and renewable energy for anyone, at any time. With 20 interdisciplinary students, we create an ecosystem for iron fuels as circular energy carriers. To do so, SOLID participates in multiple consortia and works with partners to develop both the technology and the ecosystem. Being part of SOLID means being part of an innovative and most enjoyable community. In our journey towards making iron fuel a success, we lay the foundation for a sustainable future.

The team has 6 different subteams you can join, within these subteams we have different type of functions; fulltime (32-40h), 3-day-parttime (24h), part-time (12h). Within these hours we include our weekly teamevening! During this teamevening we eat together, update each other about the progress of the subteams, play games and have some drinks.

If you have any questions about the team in general or about the subteams, you can schedule a coffee date with one of our team members. In this meeting you can ask all your questions and chitchat with our team! If you would like to schedule a coffee date you can enter your information below. For general questions and application you can mail or send a message to: +31 6 42313857

The Subteams of SOLID


Management Team










Technical Team










Business Team










Marketing Team










HR Team










Finance Team