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SOLID needs an HR-Manager!

SOLID 2020-2021 is almost complete, with now 28 students. We are only missing one last student to become the new HR manager.


Function description:

The HR Team is a small team that preferably exists of two people. They are responsible for maintaining a good atmosphere within SOLID, creating an efficient workflow, preventing stress and ensuring continuity for the SOLID identity. As HR Manager you are part of the management team and mostly responsible for the vision, planning and functioning of the HR team. The HR manager is also responsible for making the management aware of potential personal situations in the team, if needed.  Next to that, the HR team is also in charge of recruiting and coaching new members.

Do you have an affinity with people, and do you want to learn about the impact a certain atmosphere can have on the productivity of a team and how to influence that atmosphere? Then you might be exactly the person we are looking for!

Part-time. No experience needed. 



Already know you want to be part of SOLID? APPLY!


Are you interested in SOLID, but do you still have doubts about something or questions you’d like to have answered first? Fill out this form. We will contact you to answer all your questions.



APPLYING, how does it work?



To apply we ask you to fill in your personal details, short responses to several questions, and send us your CV. When these are as wished, we will invite you for an application interview.



The interview will be conducted by the HR team of SOLID and could include questions regarding your CV and responses provided in the application. During this interview, we also try to discover together with you which function would suit you best. Shortly after the interview has been held you will be informed whether or not you are invited to join SOLID 2020-2021!



Fill out this file and upload it, together with your CV and some general info, to this form.