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Why join SOLID?

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Are you an ambitious student? Do you want to make an impact in the energy transition? Are you bored of only learning the theory of engineering? Then student team SOLID is the perfect fit for you. As an ambitious student team at the Eindhoven University of Technology, we aim to make an impact on the energy transition by enabling access to clean and renewable energy for anyone, at any time. With 21 interdisciplinary students, we create an ecosystem for iron fuels as circular energy carriers.

To do so, SOLID participates in multi-year, large-scale projects where the ecosystem of technologies gets built up from the ground. As a professional student team, we are part of an innovative and enjoyable community, working in close conjunction with the industry in our goals to lay the foundation for a sustainable iron fuel future.

What will you do at SOLID?

During its seven-year existence, SOLID has built up a professional team structure with a strong balance between fun and learning. As a member, you will develop the following skills under strong conditions and guidance:

  • Apply theoretical knowledge from your study in large, innovative and challenging projects.
  • Make an impact with real technological innovations.
  • Manage relations with multinational industrial partners.
  • Promote and lobby iron fuel technologies at the highest level of the governmental and commercial sector.
  • Learn to be the complete project manager.
  • Make great friendships that last forever.

How to join?

SOLID is currently searching for the 2024/25 academic year team, and you can be a part of that! We are looking for enthusiastic and ambitious that can join one of our four subteams, where students work either fulltime (32-40h) or 3-day-parttime (24h) on SOLID. Within these hours we include our weekly teamevening! During this teamevening we eat together, update each other about the progress of the subteams, play games and have some drinks.

set up a coffee date

If you have any questions about the team in general or about the subteams, you can schedule a coffee date with one of our team members. In this meeting, you can ask all your questions and chitchat with our team! If you would like to schedule a coffee date you can click on the link below.
For general questions and application you can mail joost.vanderkraan@teamsolid.org or send a message to: +31 612261480
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The Subteams of SOLID


Management Team

From every sub-team, one or two full-time members represent the sub-team in the Management Team (MT). The MT has the responsibility that SOLID runs as a whole, ranging from managing the team’s day-to-day activities, the well-being of our members and managing financial budgets, to setting a strategy for the coming years and defining new projects. They are in charge and run the business!






Technical Team

The technical team is in charge of the development of technical products to reach the mission and vision of SOLID. This means they design the installations, build, improve, and carry out experiments with them. The T-team is also concerned with investigating how the technology can be scaled up and making sure the entire team has a good technical understanding of the technology. This year the technical team is separated into two groups: one group is working on implementing the reduction step of the IRHYS technology into the SIR-1, whilst the other is working on the R&D of the potential SIR2.


Business Team

This subteam develops (as the name suggests), the business side of SOLID! They investigate where and how the technologies SOLID is developing can best be implemented. They also contact companies and other parties to assist or help develop our technical product. Another important focus of the team is the long-term impact and the requirements for a sustainable ecosystem of the technology.






Communication Team

This subteam is responsible for the outward message SOLID brings to the world. Developing new technologies isn’t just working on the technical side of things. The world needs to know of the Iron-based Hydrogen Storage technology. This means that it has to be marketed, events have to be organized and lobbying has to be done. All this is done by our communication team. Besides that, they ensure that internal communications and HR are done efficiently inside the team.