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Our Projects


Living Lab Metal Power

Following up on the successes in the Metal Power project, the EU granted a subsidy to scale up and optimize the iron fuel technology. In this project, SOLID and its consortium partners will scale up the combustion technology to 1MW while reaching a TRL of 6.





The Metal Power Project aims to develop the world’s very first 100kW Iron fueled steam generator. The realization of this demonstration system is an important step towards applying Iron Fuels technology in the chemical sector. In December 2019, SOLID and the consortium finished building the demonstrator researching a TRL of 4/5. The demonstration awaits as we continue to research the world’s first iron fueled energy plant.



Proof Of Concept – FINISHED

To show the world that iron fuel can serve as a magnificent sustainable energy carrier, a team of eleven students realized a proof of concept in the period 2017-2018. They managed to make the world’s first full iron flame proof of concept.





The MEC project aims to techno-economically compare different regeneration technologies, to close the iron fuel cycle. Together with the consortium, we will realize a proof-of-concept for the iron oxide reduction system and in addition, conduct a techno-economic study concerning the upscaling of such a system.




 Maritime Feasibility Study – FINISHED

In May 2019, the Martime Innovation Impuls project (MIIP) commenced. This project is a techno-economic feasibility study concerning iron fuel for various types of ships. The study was finished in December 2019 and published in January 2020. The study covers many important aspects about iron fuel applications in the maritime sector and proves an important source of knowledge for future maritime projects.