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Enabling circular energy

A revolutionary method of storing hydrogen in a circular and compact manner

The Challenge

Storing hydrogen

Hydrogen presents significant potential in the energy transition due to its clean burning nature without greenhouse gas emissions. However, it comes with challenges. It is a highly flammable and unsafe gas, necessitating strict safety protocols for handling and storage. Additionally, storing hydrogen at usable densities requires either high pressures or very low temperatures, posing logistical and infrastructure challenges. Finding solutions to these safety, storage, and infrastructure obstacles is crucial for harnessing the full potential of hydrogen in the energy transition.


Iron-Based Hydrogen Storage

Looking towards the future, SOLID and its partners bring forward a revolutionary solution, advocating iron as a storage and transport medium. Iron-Based Hydrogen Storage (IRHYS) is circular, compact, CO2-free, and cost-effective. Besides that, iron is easy to store, abundant and safe, making it a green solution for bulk import and export of hydrogen, seasonal storage, and decentralized hydrogen supply. Iron can be used for both hydrogen and heat generation.

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The practice of Iron-Based Hydrogen Storage uses iron in a circular process that consists of two steps:


Iron oxide can be reduced to iron using hydrogen, in this way storing the energy of hydrogen in iron. The iron can be stored and transported in a cheap and safe way without energy losses.


When hydrogen is needed, the iron is oxidized into iron oxide using steam, releasing hydrogen in the process. The hydrogen released can be applied in various applications such as import and export or in the off-the-grid high heat industry. The circular use of iron as an energy carrier makes the storage of hydrogen more compact, safe, and cheap.


Innovative & enjoyable

SOLID is an ambitious student team of Eindhoven University of Technology that aims to enable access to clean and renewable energy for anyone, at any time. With 25 interdisciplinary students, we create an ecosystem for iron fuels as circular energy carriers. To do so, SOLID participates in multiple consortia and works with partners to develop both the technology and the ecosystem. Being part of SOLID means being part of an innovative and most enjoyable community. In our journey towards making iron fuel a success, we lay the foundation for a sustainable future.


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